About – The Personal Poster

About The Personal Poster

How it all started

The people behind the idea “The Personal Poster” are siblings Olivia and Max Nordanaker. They found it difficult to find the text posters they wanted.

Olivia describes how the idea evolved.

– I was shopping for home decoration. The text posters we found were good, but not at all what I wanted. I’m picky about my home and I want the colours to harmonise with all all my other stuff.

You can find text posters everywhere, but at the same time the citation may not be what you are looking for. Or when you find the right citation, the colour or size is not right.

Coming from a technical background, Max continues.

– I realised that existing text posters simply doesn’t cut it. I experimented with ways to develop a service to make text posters online and then automate printing at the same time, maintaining the web experience into a professional high resolution print.

The result is “The Personal Poster”, a service to create text-posters.

We welcome you to use The Personal Poster to make unique posters yourself that look good in your home. Who else but you knows what is best for you?