The Personal Poster – Create your unique text poster online

How to design and make a poster yourself

It should be simple and fun to design a personal poster.
Trying to find a ready-made poster is often hopeless.
There seem to be thousands of them, but when you
find a text you like, typically the size or colour don't fit.

At the Personal Poster, we have changed this!

Now you can design your poster yourself by choosing
background colour, poster size, and of course the text itself.
Also, you can choose colour, size, and position for your text.

You can keep on designing your poster, and everything you change is updated instantly.
Just play around with the options until the result is perfect and you are happy.

A Personal Poster has character and will make your home look smart. The combination of
colour and text give a great sensation of "wow". Quite simply something to be proud of.

Colour sample

Unsure about colours? Order our free colour sample.

Why #thepersonalposter


A truly uniqe experience, design your own text art poster. Change colours and typography to your liking.


We only use FSC-certified paper. Also, we use professional printers to provide the best possible quality posters

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping within the EU. Easier for you, easier for us.